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Sardinian Warbler (Curruca melanocephala), 07.12.2015, near the village of Parvenetz, Plovdiv district. Photo: Kalin Velev.

Sardinian Warbler (Curruca melanocephala)

Date 21.02.2023

Two Sardinian Warblers (ad. male and ad. female) recorded on 17th March 2015  near the village of Parvenetz, Plovdiv district. This is the first wintering record  of that species for Bulgaria. Since then a number of  birds have been recorded in the same area during in most of the subsequent winters (between November and February). The latest record in this area was on Feb 21st 2023, 2 singing  males and a female (L. Profirov, K. Velev).
Single wintering birds were recorded in Rupite, Cape Kaliakra, and the Besaparski Ridove regions. 
This data supports Sardinian Warbler being considered as a wintering species in Bulgaria.